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Animated logos create a subtle ‘look at me’ shout out

Designing your company logo is not a task that can be taken lightly. After all, it is a reflection of your company’s identity and strategic direction and needs to speak to your target market.

But, it also needs to stand out in the crowded marketplace  especially in the digital space. A moving, or animated, logo can do just that.

Before jumping to conclusions about what an animated logo looks like, know that it is not the crass GIFs of the early days of the Internet. Those were busy, loud, in-your-face concepts. And when they did their thing, they were often clunky because the digital bandwidth of that time couldn’t properly support the animation.

Those days are gone. Moving logos today are small, subtle touches that say ‘hey, look at me!’ And that little shout out is what grabs the viewer’s attention and helps to differentiate your website, and your business, from your competitors.

Check this one out: Yondr Studio specializes in pen and ink illustrations as well as hand lettering and branding. Their logo — a pen and ink drawing of the sun shining over a mountain — comes to life as the sun rises over the mountains. The sophistication of this logo is not only attractive but also memorable. It is simple and polished and quickly gets to the point, reinforcing the company’s brand.

Here’s another subtle example of one created earlier this year. MergeCo helps business owners buy, sell or raise funds. The butterfly logo underpins its transition before transaction approach and the gentle flap of its wings represents a business owner’s new-found freedom.

A moving logo isn’t the right answer for every company. A construction contractor, for example, should probably stick to showcasing its strong and solid foundation rather than showing off its moving parts. But a long-haul trucking company may want to use their logo to highlight how they’re always on the move.

The key to remember when creating a moving logo is that it is not an after-thought to the creative direction and logo development process but an extension of it. And a savvy designer with the right skill set is needed to pull the entire logo creation concept together.
September 29, 2016 by: Klaus Uhlig
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