Processes's approach can be tightly focused to achieve a clear goal (VIP), wholistic to encompass the breadth of your creative needs (367°), or problem solving to help you uncover transformative thinking (Tw3).

Visual Identity Package (VIP)
A business always benefits from a consistent visual identity. The Visual Identity Package (VIP) offers you a selection of the most common visual identity elements required by businesses, expertly aligned with your business brand and goals. Within four weeks, your visual identity will be completed and delivered on disc.
You are involved in the VIP process from the Design Survey to the finished product – so there are no surprises!


  • Design Survey

    • complete the VIP Design Survey or choose a half-day discovery session (an additional $650)
    • schedule a 30-minute crystallization review with your designer to ensure that we have all the information (an additional $100 to extend review to 60 minutes)
    • review 30 to 50 business cards to reveal your personal style and preferences


  • Concept Selection

    Within one working week:
    • receive up to 30 black and white typographic wordmark concepts
    • collaborate with your designer about choices and changes to wordmark
    • consult with your designer about colour suggestions and layout concepts


  • Identity Selection

    Within one working week:
    • receive two template options each for business cards (i.e. two fronts and two backs), letterhead (first and second sheet) and reports (first and second pages)
    • approve template designs or compile your final choices and make minor adjustments
    • confirm that all content and contact information is correct
    • receive a print-ready business card template the next day, if desired


  • Delivery

    Within two working weeks:
    • receive a disk containing all your print-ready templates* and a PDF colour proof of each piece
    Want the full story? Click here to download a PDF that contains more details and fees for the VIP and additional à la carte items.
The Way We Win! (Tw3)
The Way We Win! (Tw3) advantage is a six-step consultative process, grouped into three stages, that inspires transformative thinking. Tw3 clarifies your business goals and opportunities, identifies the potential of each, and strategizes the best way to use them to your advantage. Throughout this process, we work collaboratively with you and our partners from Clearwater Communications and Growth Path Strategic Marketing to distill recommendations that enhance the way you think, do business – and win!


  • AssessmentThe Win Clarification

    • an executive assessment of current status, processes and structure
    • determines objectives in an collaborative forum
    • identifies key performance indicators for the success of this initiative
  • InterviewsThe Insightful Interrogation

    • a series of interviews with operations, finance and business development personnel
    • uses existing processes and evaluation framework to develop an interview guide that incorporates disruptive techniques
    • imparts functional knowledge of personnel’s current modus operandi


  • RoundtableThe Disruptive Strategy Game Plan

    • a roundtable focus group to determine frame­work elements for a disruptive strategy
    • uses this strategy to surpass the status quo and quantify your business objectives
    • employs a professional facilitator to orchestrate the discussion with input from our observers
  • FindingsThe Strategic Potential Maximizer

    • an actionable report generated from the findings from The Disruptive Strategy Game Plan
    • highlights any strategic potential that matches our targeted outcomes
    • assesses business sectors with highest close potential, lower competition and price sensitivity – and where your business is the best fit
    • augments the strategy with assessment criteria concerning risk/benefit, barriers to entry and brand alignment.


  • StrategyThe Opportunity Success Formula

    • a review of strategy options by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
    • determines options and opportunities to be further investigated
    • identifies each opportunity’s potential/risk as assessed by the SLT
    • prioritizes opportunities for further action and identifies the individual(s) to champion each
  • QuantifyThe Win Results Enhancer

    • a further assessment of proposed options based on the direction from the SLT
    • investigates quantification and verification of proposed options, using:
      a) Market research
      b) ROI determination
      c) Risk tolerance guidelines
      d) Vetting of strategy with partners/prospective customers
    Want the full story? Click here to download a PDF that contains details and more information.
367° Market Capture
Getting to know you and your company, understanding and defining your requirements, learning how you are positioned in the marketplace and creating the best possible solution for you. That’s what's 367° Market Capture (367°) experience is about. We take your project from start to finish, and when it is 360° complete, we go one extra step to review the end results – we provide a postmortem, with analytics, to gauge your project's success.


  • The Discovery Survey™

    • a questionnaire of approximately 20 questions
    • gathers insight to streamline our approach and focus on our challenge
    SIMPLY PUT: We gather specific information about your company, and your needs and expectations. Why? The more we learn, the better the outcome.
  • The Confidence Builder™

    • a crystallization review based on The Discovery Survey™
    • ensures we understand your intentions
    • confirms the pertinent details we need to move ahead
    SIMPLY PUT: The review is your assurance that we understand your wants, needs and expectations. It also allows you an opportunity to review your objectives and confirm/adjust them.
  • The Investment Matrix™

    • a cost analysis that compares budget range to project scope
    • removes the mystery of project costs
    SIMPLY PUT: The matrix is an estimate of your investment. So you'll know where your money's going. Or put another way: what you get for your money.


  • The Creative Snapshot™

    • a show-and-tell of your story in layout form
    • explains how the visuals connect to the discoveries revealed in The Confidence Builder™
    • demonstrates latitude of the look and feel – connects the strategic to the visual
    • presents the narrative's style and tone
    • engages executive to contribute to the effort – builds consensus from within
    • affirms the creative direction, effectively this is where creative rational is explained
    SIMPLY PUT: This is how we see your project come together. Our snapshot reveals the visual narrative of our solution. It is your opportunity to affirm the creative direction.
  • The Production Navigator™

    • a plan that outlines tasks and timelines for the production of your project
    • builds on the affirmations of The Creative Snapshot™
    • introduces the creative resources required to execute
    • initiates project monitoring and management tool (Projecturf)
    • illustrates that we know how to manage the process
    • brings you in and keeps you in the production loop
    • assures you that we understand implementation
    SIMPLY PUT: This is where you see the tasks and timing of your project. This is your opportunity to contribute, comment and review development and decisions along the way.


  • The Content Refiner

    • an opportunity to collectively review details, fine-tune your message and dot the i's and cross the t's
    • builds confidence through engagement
    • allows for executive review, comment and contribution
    SIMPLY PUT: This is your opportunity to dot the i's and cross the t's on anything you'd like to fine tune.
  • The Assurance Maximizer

    • an absolutely final, last-chance to review before production
    • allows a final opportunity to review your solution in a near-complete/live state
    • looks for a signoff to proceed to print, distribute or go-live online
    SIMPLY PUT: This is your opportunity for the last chance lookover.


  • The Infinity Protractor

    • goes beyond the full circle of our service
    • provides a postmortem and analytics
    • reviews end results of the effort
    Want the full story? Click here to download a PDF that contains details and more information.