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Is today’s ‘hot colour’ right for your brand?

August 19, 2014 by Klaus
Colour is a powerful element to every brand and can provoke a strong reaction among consumers. Choosing the right colours for a brand sends positive messages, encourages customer recognition and can even boost sales. Choosing the wrong colours can have the opposite effect.

The colours of a brand are part of its defining features. As graphic designers, one of our jobs is to stay on top of the colour trends. We have little influence on shaping the direction of the hot colours of the year, but we know what’s hot and use trendy colours to set the mood or tone of a brand.

When defining a brand, there’s a fine line to walk when it comes to choosing colour. Use too much of a today’s hot colours and your design quickly becomes dated as trends shift and change. Avoid trends completely and you risk looking dated from the get-go.

The keys are in finding the right balance and determining what’s best for each client and their brand. Choosing colours and a palette that is fresh and crisp, but not necessarily the ‘colour of the year,’ gives a brand a longer shelf life. Get it right and a brand can be refreshed in the future with a simple facelift. Get it wrong, and that brand might need to be completely remodelled five years down the road.

But if a brand is looking for a short, yet impactful shelf life, trendy may be the way to go.

Think about choosing a colour palette for your brand like buying a new suit. If you want a suit that will last, choose a classic-looking one that can easily be freshened up for years with a new tie or shirt. But if you want to stand out in this year’s crowd, choose a trendy suit in a hot colour and then make your way back to the tailor shop next year to get fitted once again.