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A logo is a first impression

February 02, 2016 by Klaus Uhlig
Designing your company logo is not a task that can be treated lightly. To do it right and well is not a quick and easy process.

A logo is a reflection of a company’s entire identity, strategic direction and market or audience. All of those key items need to be reflected in one design, meaning that a logo carries a lot of weight on its shoulders.

In an earlier post, I wrote about how a graphic designer takes the time to understand your company’s overall objectives and what you are trying to accomplish before creating a logo. This is done because to consumers, a logo is their first impression of a company – and so you need to make sure that that first impression is a good one.

A good logo should:

• be clean and unfussy, using no more than two or three colours
• be functional so that it can transplant exactly as is onto multiple marketing platforms
• be memorable so that the user is less likely to forget it and, by default, less likely to forget the company
• avoid incorporating clip art because it takes away from the logo’s uniqueness
• avoid trends so that it remains timeless for an extended period of time
• avoid duplicating a competitors’ look and feel

That’s just the tip of the iceberg; an outstanding logo is much more than that. An outstanding logo should:

• generate a positive feeling which will build brand loyalty
• display the positive attributes of your company and showcase your brand identity
• present your company with a professional look and feel and establish your business in the market

The best logos are simple and uncomplicated. They clearly focus on a company’s message and are a reflection of a company’s name, vision and mission. And these logos are the ones that are not soon forgotten.