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Minimizing Impact of Large Projects on your Resources

January 27, 2014 by Klaus
One of the great challenges in a company driven by large projects, is how to manage resources to accommodate their ebb and flow. Typically, operations and implementation get all the focus, as contract project managers, technicians and other specialists are planned.

But creative is usually an afterthought. Surely your existing resources will be able to handle this, right?

Well, if you have a typically lean business, your creative resources are already fully allocated. And you likely have generalists who handle day-to-day activities very well, but are lacking the specialized skills you only need in short bursts (illustration, photography, campaign planning).

The first step in managing this issue is also the last one: outsource creative direction for the process. This accomplishes three important objectives:

1. It relieves the burden on your existing team, allowing them to accomplish the assignments needed to maintain the rest of your organization

2. It removes the need to determine what specialized skills are required, and then source and manage these

3. It provides a single source of accountability and liaison for the project.

For the financially minded, it also enables accurate reckoning of the true costs (as opposed to guesswork allocations) of the resources required. And when determining overall profitability, you need that level of accuracy to guide you in selecting and pricing future projects.

Wind Power Update

January 13, 2014 by Klaus
Wow – wind power production is quickly outpacing hydro-electric production in Ontario. We will soon need to rethink what we call our “hydro bill”.

Wind power will equal hydro power in MW produced this year. And yet the current projects account for only 38% of all the contracts issued over the next two years, so we will see this figure almost triple. As I said, Wow!

The recently revitalized FIT (Feed-In-Tarriff) program which allows any business to produce wind or solar energy for harnessing to the grid, has contracts issued for half of this total. By casting a wide net, the Ontario government has doubled our yield of wind power (and tripled solar too).

What’s also encouraging is that 424 MW of the wind projects are with Aboriginal participation – an increase of 10.5% over last year.

All of this growth in wind power hasn’t come at the expense of alternate renewable energy sources (hydro, solar, bio), as each of these are increasing as well. They just have a hard time keeping up with the way the wind is blowing….